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How the Vanity Portrait Studio Works

We love capturing portraits that surprise people.

We are the Vanity Portrait Studio, and we create magazine-inspired photos at events. So, how does it work? How are we different than a photo booth?

Let us show you!

It Starts With The Backdrop

We work with you, the event professional, to create a custom backdrop and furniture selection that ties into the aesthetic of your event. We can place the order using one of our go-to vendors, or, the rentals can be tacked on to your event’s existing order. We find that most event pros prefer the later for efficiency.

You’ll notice that the studio set is simple. This is on purpose. Our intention is to showcase our subjects in an artistic way. We highly discourage props. Our goal is to capture stunning portraits that guests want to frame and display in their home.

The Studio

We bring a full-service photography studio to your event. We bring in fashion lighting, computers for real-time editing, high-gloss printers for on-site printing, iPads for guests to email themselves digital copies, and mats for the printed photos.


This is where the magic happens! Our lead portrait photographers stylishly pose each individual guest, so their essence and best features are highlighted. We’re going to tell you where to…sit, stand, lean, turn, and look.

We often hear guests say, “OMG…I feel like I’ve just stepped off a set of a photo shoot!” Because of this, we find that the studio adds an immersive experience to an event, where guests get the unique opportunity to feel and look like they’re on a cover of a magazine.

Editing & Printing

Once guests step out of the studio, our Photo Editors quickly edit the best portraits in real-time and print them on-site.

While we’re editing and printing, guests can view their portraits on our iPads and email themselves digital copies. We may or may not have seen Vanity Portrait Studio photos on freshly minted profiles for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…we know about that social media life! 😉

Portraits Are Ready

In a couple minutes, magazine-inspired portraits are processed and printed for your guests.

Every guests receives a printed portrait in a mat. The portrait is ready to be slotted into a frame, so guests can display in their home or office.

If you’re interested in creating an elevated photo experience at your next event, we’d love to help you.

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