Photo Tip #2: The Photo That Shows How You Helped Your Client Win

This post is the second in a new blog series to help event professionals up your photo game!

Often times, the professional photos come days later, but you’re still posting on social media in the meantime, right? How can we optimize those photos that you are sharing?

We created a list of the tips for capturing the top five essential photos from your phone that tells your event’s story while it’s happening. If you missed the first tip, check out our previous blog post.

These photos taken on your phone will come in handy for posting compelling images in real-time on social media and also at client meetings for an easy show-and-tell from your phone.

Photo #2 – The “Highlight Shot”

The questions you want to answer with this photo are…what in the heck are all these people doing together at the same time?!?  What was it that drew guests away from their busy lives?!? What was the big epic moment, the keynote presentation, the grand entrance, the final award, the first kiss, the big toast, the balloon drop??? Why did everyone get together and how did your client win? Getting a photo of this moment allows you to then tell a story about the worth of the event and how you helped execute the very most critical part of it. These are all good things to share with your potential clients! 

For this shot, you’ll want to be thinking about showcasing something emotive or meaningful. You’re not trying to get a photo that says, “Here! I made this pretty thing!” You’re, instead, trying to say, “How cool is it that these guests got to celebrate their big moment!” And “Oh! BTW, we helped pulled it off!” Boom! You helped your client win the day! You made THEM the star of the show. And, isn’t that what your potential customers want? THEY want to win too! THEY want to hire partners who HELP them win by pulling off a great event. The Highlight Shot allows you to tell the story of how your clients win, and your future clients will dig it.

So whats an emotive photo? An emotive photo is a picture that shows the emotion of that highlight moment. Emotion can be expressed by both peoples faces AND people’s body language. We, of course, understand that getting a shot that shows happy smiling award winners, or giddy brides and grooms after just tying the knot are awesome, but often less understood is how one’s body language is showing emotion in a photo.

For example, is the subject’s arms up in the air in a “we are the champions!” sort of fashion? Or, are the arms to the side, limp like a wet noodle clinging to your kitchen wall (for the record… if you have a photo of smiling faces and limp noodle arms, it’s a fail!). You’ll want to look for expressive body language. Are the presenter’s arms outstretched in front of them indicating some connection with the audience? Or, are their arms up in the air offering some sort of insight? Are their arms swung out in front with the palms up as if to say, “Here is my gift to you! You have been blessed!!!” Lol… All kidding aside, think “expressive hands” in your photos, and you’ll win on getting that emotive photo every time.

Tips for Capturing a Great “Highlight Shot”

  1. If you can, get a full body shot…you want the top of the head to the bottom of the toes in the shot.
  2. Wait for that pinnacle moment and then be ready to STRIKE like a tiger!
  3. If you have an iPhone, have the camera app open and ready… and then hover your finger juuuuuuuust over the top of the shutter button. No photos just yet!
  4. As the pinnacle moment unfolds…you’re waiting and waiting…here comes the big event! GO GO GO! There it is! Just press and HOOOOOOOLLLLLLLD the shutter button down. Keep it pressed for 4 or 5 seconds. Don’t let go! Your camera is going to go CRAZY and capture like 29 photos in a row. Burst mode is in full effect! Your camera is taking a photo every 0.2 seconds, so it’s giving you a TON of opportunities to capture that perfect combo of expression and body language.
  5. Now, go through those 29 photos (all conveniently saved in a little iPhone burst mode packet in your photo gallery) and choose the one photo that has BOTH smiling faces AND expressive body language! DELETE THE REST! Don’t keep all those extras.
  6. Boom! Pat yourself on the back and go show your winning photo to the world and tell how you helped your client win.  #instastory

Example Highlight Shots

Okay, okay…disclaimer…all of these photos were shot with a professional camera, BUT the concepts showcased are all the same.


That’s about it for this one! We know that your photographer is likely busting their buns to get this shot for you. We know this is exactly what a photographer gets paid to do, but you know what…? Getting a great highlight shot on your phone is NEVER a bad idea, and you’ll have a great story to throw on your socials when you make it happen. Get ‘er done my friends!

– Colson

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