Photo Tip 3: The Photo That Shows Off Your Design Skills

This post is the third in a new blog series to help event professionals up your photo game!

Often times, the professional photos come days later, but you’re still posting on social media in the meantime, right? How can we optimize those photos that you are sharing?

We created a list of the tips for capturing the top five essential photos from your phone that tells your event’s story while it’s happening. If you missed the first tip, check out our previous blog post.

These photos taken on your phone will come in handy for posting compelling images in real-time on social media and also at client meetings for an easy show-and-tell from your phone.

Photo #3 – The “Table Shot”

It’s time to show off your design skills! For starters, ask yourself, ‘how did I collaborate with other vendors to make a complete package for my client?’ Look no further then the beautiful décor and details on your table scapes! Think how many people come together to create this artistic masterpiece… chairs, linens, tableware, stationary, floral, lighting…it’s a vendor smorgasbord! The great thing about this shot is that when posted on social media, it’s a prime opportunity to tag tag tag all the peeps that came together to create that display! Tagging vendor partners helps reach wider audiences and encourages followers on your own profile.

Tips for Capturing The perfect “Table Shot”

  • Include everything in the photo… top to bottom!  Be sure to get the chairs, the linen, and the tops of any tall florals or centerpieces.
  • If the event is outdoors during the day time, choose a table that is either completely in the shade or completely in the sun, so the lighting is even all around. Nice light on a table is even light from top to bottom and side-to-side.
  • If the event is indoors, photograph a table that is well-lit, find a table near a window or highlighted by pin spots or a color wash, or even a table up near the front with a little spill over from your stage lighting.
  • Always photograph a table standing on the outside with all of the other tables behind it. This will add depth to your photo.  All the other tables in the background will show the scale of the event. A table on its own with nothing behind looks a little weird…right?!?

Here are a couple examples that show off the points made above. Again, these are made with a professional camera, not a phone, and in sometimes staged events, but we’re trying to showcase the above concepts to help tie it all together!  Ya know!?! ;D

A table scape shown in complete shade… Look how even (and gorgeous) that lighting is!!!

Above we’ve got a table shot showing top to bottom, the chairs to the florals, and all of the lighting too…

This shot showcases the detail in the table, chairs, plates, and centerpiece designs. The tables in the background add depth!

If you get a little snappy with that camera phone as these tables all come together you’ll have some great content to start tagging vendors as you post online. Happy snapping my friends!


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