The Top Five Event Photos To Capture On Your Phone – Photo 1

This post is the first in a new blog series to help event professionals up your photo game!

Often times, the professional photos come days later, but you’re still posting on social media in the meantime, right? How can we optimize those photos that you are sharing?

We created a list of the tips for capturing the top five essential photos from your phone that tells your event’s story while it’s happening. These photos will come in handy for posting compelling images in real-time on social media and also at client meetings for an easy show-and-tell from your phone.

We’re kicking the series off with the number one photo in all of the land…

Photo #1 – The “Room Shot”

Why is this well-known photo so important? Well, as entrepreneurs and small business people we are alway responsible for selling our services. Growing the biz is what it’s all about, right? So, how do we sell our services and capture our client’s attention and excite their imagination? What has every sales book, seminar, marketing guru told you about selling? Tell a story! 

To us, the foundational elements of a good story clearly answers the 5 W’s – who, what, when, where, and why. The best image to showcase the 5 W’s is a wide, preferably horizontal, shot of the entire room in all its glory. Ahhh, yes the fabulous “Room Shot.”

This photo immediately communicates a sense of place, time, scale, aesthetic, vibe, and the essence of the event. Perhaps you want to show off how pristine all of your décor is before your guests arrive. In that case, clear out the staff and vendors before guests arrive and get a big wide room shot with all of your pretty details in their untouched glory.

Or, maybe you want to show the event jam-packed with guests having the time of their lives, while being surrounded by the stunning environment you created for them. Either way, if you show these room shots to your potential clients, you’ll have plenty of information in this one photo to tell a compelling of story. That’s why the Room Shot tops our list. 

Tips for Capturing a great Room Shot

  • 1) Make sure you photograph from the best seat in the house. Where could you stand so that you could view and soak-in everything in sight? Step back to the farthest point from the stage or maybe a corner of the room and make sure you can see EVERYTHING. Then take your photo from that view.
  • 2) When taking the photo on your phone, it’s always a good to look for symmetry on either side of the photo. In the picture, can you see the walls of the room on either side? Make them even. Are the tables arranged in a way that is just all matchy-matchy? Find the angle that shows this precision.
  • 3) Try tilting your camera so that the tables, or even the people in the photo are the very bottom of the frame. This will show more of the event space, including lighting, ceiling and overall atmosphere. If the floor is empty and drab, tilt the phone up and don’t let that empty floor be seen in your photo!  

Example Room Shots

Okay, okay…disclaimer…all of these photos were shot with a professional camera, BUT the concepts showcased are all the same.  We want you to be able to snap something LIKE these, and then get to posting, sharing, and story-telling while the vibe is HOT!

In the image below, can you see the symmetry on either side of the image? Notice how the balcony levels seem to come towards the center of the room at the same angles? That’s a good thing. See the guests at the bottom of the image? Keeping them at the very bottom helps show how massive this venue was, while also showing that it’s a very well-attended par-tay!

For the next photo below, we are talking clean and pristine! The lighting is perfect, the tables are beautifully decorated, linens are on-point, flowers are gorgeous. It’s certainly a different vibe from the one shot above, but again, look at the walls and how symmetrical they are on either side. The tables are at the bottom of the frame, showing the details in that gorgeous ceiling and the large size of the ballroom at The Regency Center. You can totally capture this on your phone!

And for our last example room shot…this one is all about showing the benefit of taking a room shot from above. Sometimes when you are on the ground floor level you just can’t see that much. Getting above the event and snapping a quick wide, aerial photo will always lend itself to creating a great story-telling shot.

That’s it!  You are now an expert for capturing The Room shot! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for our #2 essential photo to capture in the next blog post! Bye for now!

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