Do you have a client who’s looking for an experiential way to feature their brand at an event? We have an idea for you.

Last month, we partnered with Entire Productions (shout-out to Entire for bringing us on board!) and Infiniti USA for San Francisco Magazine’s ‘Best of Issue’ celebration. As the premiere event sponsor, it was important for Infiniti’s brand to be displayed prominently at the event.

Infiniti’s Brand Outfitted To The Vanity Portrait Studio

For the event, we outfitted The Vanity Portrait Studio into what looked like a photoshoot for an Infiniti commercial. We spotlighted an Infiniti vehicle that served as the backdrop with pipe and drape in the background, so the studio set looked polished and ready for guests to be the star of the show.

Branded Portraits Projected on Plasma Screens

We also stationed two massive 75 inch plasma screens that projected the portraits that were being taken with Infiniti’s logo. This created quite a bit of attention at the event.

Guests walked by and stopped and asked questions like…”what’s going on here?  How does this all work?” Can I get my photo taken? Is this free??” Of course it was complimentary for guests to get their portrait taken and sure enough a steady line of guests formed throughout the evening.

Guests Stylistically Posed by Portrait Photographers

Once guests entered the studio, they were each stylistically posed by a Portrait Photographer in front of the Infiniti vehicle with our signature fashion lighting. All of our photographers are experts and trained in classical Portrait Photography. They know how to strategically light and pose their subjects in a wide variety of flattering angles and light. This also creates an interactive, memorable experience for guests.

With Infiniti’s branded Vanity Portrait Studio, guests loved the idea of being the star of their own car ad! And, for Infiniti, they now had stunning brand photos to use for their own marketing.


Portraits Edited In Real-Time

Every portrait is edited in real-time by a Photo Editor on-site. We do a slight retouching of the portrait to ensure the lighting and exposure look perfect.

We want this to be the best portrait that someone has ever seen of her/him (I know…bold statement) and so all of our controls have to be just right to deliver the best.

However, we’re not in the business of doing heavy editing or skin-retouching on our portraits. The reason for this is simple – we believe in celebrating people’s natural essence and capturing that.

To achieve this, our Portrait Photographers are not only experts in their craft in posing and lighting, but they’re also cheerleaders, striving to make guests feel good and comfortable in their own skin.

When guests get handed their portraits, we want them to see the best version of themselves and feel stunning.


Custom Infiniti Branded Mats

In minutes, the portraits were printed on-site and in the hands of our guests. Infiniti’s logo was embossed on custom matted frames (see below), so each guest left with a branded keepsake from the evening.

With portraits often being framed and displayed in the home or office, this is covetable advertising space for brands to consider.

The event’s guests were really the star of the show. Below, are some of our favorite portraits from the evening.

For Infiniti, we offered our “digital logo package,” where every digital portrait had Infiniti’s logo on it. Guests could email themselves digital copies at the event and every photo that was sent was branded with Infiniti’s logo. This was great for social media as guests could quickly post branded portraits online with the event’s hashtag.

Thank you SO much for having us, Entire ProductionsInfiniti USA, and San Francisco Magazine!!

Guests Were The Star Of The Event

If you’re interested in elevating your event with The Vanity Portrait Studio, we would love to hear from you!

The Vanity Portrait Studio offers event photography and specializes is a magazine-inspired photo shoot brought to distinguished events. Our goal is to make your guests look STUNNING! Each person is artfully posed by a Portrait Photographer, photos are edited in real-time, and guests leave the studio with matted prints in a matter of minutes. 

The best piece of ‘wedding day’ advice we received was to take a brief timeout and notice everyone in the room.

We were told to savor this moment because it’s likely the one time our collective group of family and friends would be gathered together in the same place celebrating.

Weddings, large or small, bring together our favorite people. This is the reason why we love bringing The Vanity Portrait Studio to weddings. We can intentionally capture stunning portraits of the bride and groom with their dear family and friends gathered together. The couple and their guests can leave with a timeless keepsake to forever remember the day.

Recently, we brought the studio to Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley for Natasha and Erik’s picturesque wedding. The beautiful day was planned by the awesome team at Oui Events.

Below, are a couple of our favorite portraits from their beautiful day.

We also recently brought the studio to San Francisco Fairmont for Kathryn and Matthew’s stunning wedding. The gorgeous wedding was planned by the fabulous team at Dream A Little Dream Events.

We’d say Kathryn and Matthew nailed their first ‘look’ at husband and wife ;). Enjoy some highlight portraits below.

If you’re interested in having The Vanity Portrait Studio at your wedding or event, give us a shout!

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    Hello Vanity Portrait Studio!

    I’m inquiring about your fees for my wedding on May 25, 2019. It’ll be at The Fig House in Highland Park.



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      Hi Jennifer!

      Thank you for your comment and congratulations on your wedding! For inquiries, please send us an email at to receive a quote.

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Do you plan nonprofit fundraising events? We’d love to help you raise some money!

All nonprofits thrive on two things… awareness and money.  Galas and events do this superbly well, and we’d like to help by offering a memorable experience, a valuable keepsake, and a boost to the bottom line!

The Vanity Portrait Studio is a magazine-inspired photo studio brought to your event and it can be used as a fundraising machine! Many non-profit events encourage guests to get all dressed up for the big day and with everyone looking their best, we feel it’s a prime opportunity to offer a magazine-style photo shoot! By asking for donations to step into the studio, non-profits can boost event donations and also offer an elegant and engaging addition to the evening.

This started out as an idea to test at Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Greater Bay Area’s (LLS) annual Regatta Gala, and after seeing its success, we had to share!

Here’s how it worked in four steps:

  1. At the entrance of the studio, guests were greeted by a representative from LLS and given the opportunity to participate in exchange for a “sitting fee” which was a donation of $50/person. 100 percent of the proceeds went to LLS.
  2. Guests who wanted to donate, were then stylistically posed and photographed by a Portrait Photographer. Multiple “looks” were created for each guest.
  3. The images were edited in real-time and guests were able to choose which portraits they would like to print.  Each matted print was priced at a donation of $50/print. Guests could leave with as many prints as they’d like.
  4. As guests exited the studio, donations were taken via credit card by a representative from LLS.

In two hours, The Vanity Portrait Studio raised $5,000 for LLS. We were thrilled with the amount raised in a short time.

“Our VIP crowd loved getting their photos taken. Everyone was so impressed with how great the photos made them look.  It was a great way to get our crowd pumped up for the evening and let their hair down, which really helps when you are raising money! Last year’s attendees are asking if [The Vanity Portrait Studio] will be back again this year! I say, definitely!”

– Jennifer Daly, Campaign Director, Leukemia Cup Regatta

If you’re interested in having The Vanity Portrait Studio at your next event, we would love to be part of your event. Give us a shout!

Here are our fav portraits from the LLS’s annual Regatta Gala

We are eager to raise more money for LLS this fall at their 2018 Regatta Gala! We hope to see you there.